J2 Capital 1st Quarter 2016 Review and Outlook

1st Quarter 2016 Update and Market Outlook

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J2 Capital Webinar: The Great Re-Valuation January 26, 2016

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J2 Capital 2015 YE Review – Bear Market underway

2015 Strategy and Market Review


The Next Bear Market is underway. 

Over the past year, our quantitative indicators signaled a global correction that had direct consequences for the U.S. markets.  The chickens have come home to roost and the U.S. is now entering into its 3rd bear market since 2000.   This one was caused by dual […]

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Sorry, No Bull Market (yet)

Originally written November 11th, 2015 but all notes still hold true a month later.  I was concerned about High yield bonds before it hit the mainstream media.


Wow, what a rally off the October bottom! This would be the conclusion if one just looks at the S&P 500 from afar.

Certainly, someone buying and holding this […]

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RS Leaders current top ranked list

The RS Leaders strategy is a momentum based stock strategy, and as such, it’s helpful when Momentum stocks are doing the leading.  Of current concern, momentum stocks have been lagging the broader market since the September 29th bottom.  Below is a ratio chart of the ETF (MTUM )and (SPY).  When the chart is rising […]

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Market Update Webinar October 5th, 2015

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Seasons are changing?

(To everything there is a season) Turn! Turn! Turn!

The song was written by Pete Seeger in the late 1950’s then covered by the Byrds in 1965.  The song is pretty much taken word for word from the bible and book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3.  Seeger only added the sentence “A time for peace, I […]

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Cash is doing the Nae-Nae

A article from Sept 27th mentions that cash is currently outperforming both stocks and bonds.  A first since 1990 (25 years!).  Reasons given mainly are with the Fed’s ZIRP where cash was the only asset that wasn’t reflated.  The balloon is now deflating in every other asset class.

The author concludes though that not […]

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